What We Do

We demystify and identify specific challenges.

GLG saves you time and money by helping you manage what seems unmanageable, so that you can focus on the legal issues of your case. We identify and address tasks and challenges to get you the support you need.


We help solve your puzzle.

GLG helps save you time and money by helping you manage what seems unmanageable, so that you can focus on the legal issues of your case. We help establish your needs to get you the support you need.

What Do You Have?

We look AT the box and IN the box with no piece unturned. We help identify your overarching goals and specific challenges to develop a plan that helps get the job done and done well.

Our Process



Share with us the challenges you face, the discovery at hand, and your objectives.


Step Two

We review the details and materials and provide our initial assessment and proposals.


Step Three

Project development begins and tailored deliverables are provided to you.



We provide trainings, tools and additional resources to support your discovery review.

We integrate technology and legal principles to analyze, organize and render discovery accessible.

GLG solutions streamline the discovery process, saving and maximizing time.


We identify and evaluate new technologies to keep up with the ever-moving diffusion of technological innovation in the legal field and society. We adapt current IT practices that streamline eDiscovery and information management.


We evaluate and reorganize budgets that are augmented by inefficient approaches to eDiscovery. We also have extensive experience negotiating with tech vendors to get the best deals for our customers.


We educate clients on legal principles and procedure related to discovery and train internal teams, both individually and in groups, in-person and remotely.


We analyze eDiscovery in a holistic manner to tailor how the data can be efficiently reviewed and managed by your team. The fundamentals of law and how they are applied are just as important as the resources you have available to analyze and manage the data.

Our Services

Discovery Assessment

These services are focused on discussing and prioritizing your needs.

Whether you have a very limited, specific issue or a breadth of voluminous discovery, we can help.

  • custom list item bulletFile type identification
  • custom list item bulletPreparations for meeting and conferring the applicability and parameters regarding Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCP) Rule 16 (Federal)
  • custom list item bulletReview and analysis of Certificate of Compliance (CoC) per Section 245.20 and assistance drafting challenges to, or questions related to a CoC by motion (New York)
  • custom list item bulletDocument review management
  • custom list item bulletTechnical writing and custom training
  • custom list item bulletProprietary software identification, retrieval and instruction
  • custom list item bulletTechnical evaluation and support MacOS-compatibility consultations
  • custom list item bulletDetainee access to e-discovery
  • custom list item bulletOptimizing discovery strategy for trial preparation

Litigation Assistance

Discovery management tailored to your team’s workflow

These services are focused extensions of discovery management and review, tailored to your team’s workflow.

  • custom list item bulletFile conversions (multimedia, documents, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • custom list item bulletERP (Evidence Review Platform) consulting
  • custom list item bulletOnline database management
  • custom list item bulletCase and project management
  • custom list item bulletCounseling and training on eDiscovery Best Practices
  • custom list item bulletTechnology Assisted Review (TAR) and advanced e-Discovery consultations
  • custom list item bulletDiscovery motions and hearings
  • custom list item bulletRFP (Requests for Proposal) analysis and negotiation
  • custom list item bulletCase budgeting for technical assistance
  • custom list item bulletWork flow recommendations, including data management, processing, production, and quality control
  • custom list item bulletStrategizing the use of technology in trial
  • custom list item bulletDiscovery log and index creation
  • custom list item bulletConsultations for “meet-and-confer” and discovery dispute conferences

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a lawyer in New York or working on a New York case to benefit from your services?

No, we support lawyers and legal teams on cases nationwide, civil and criminal, big and small.

We’re in a rush. Can you still help me?

We certainly will try! Contact us with as much information as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How do you structure fees?

Since each project is tailored to the needs of our client, we have a wide variety of billing practices, both hourly and flat rate.

Ready to Get Started?

We manage discovery issues large and small to help you focus on legal principles and procedure.