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Lawyers across the country rely on Emma’s experience as a lawyer in pretrial, trial and post-trial stages and her technology expertise spanning more than 20 years.

A Specialized Skillset

Her work has been recognized locally and nationally, including by the American Bar Association, which profiled her in 2014 as one of nine lawyers in the country making innovating strides to reform the legal profession.

Emma has represented clients and been appointed to coordinate discovery on some of the most high profile cases in the country in matters involving mortgage fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, identify theft, healthcare fraud, drug conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, firearms trafficking, RICO, and death eligible charges, including material support.

As a consultant, she develops and consults on her clients’ overall discovery review strategies and advocates on their behalf during meet and confers, discovery conferences, and hearings.

She regularly handles discovery disputes across the country and acts as a liaison to ensure the compliance and responsiveness of her clients’ adversaries, including U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). In 2011, she became one of the first three National Coordinating Discovery Attorneys (CDA) – the first female National CDA – contracted with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AO), to support the work of CJA Panel attorneys and FDO staff across the country on multi-defendant prosecutions involving large volumes of complex discovery.

She has been appointed by scores of Federal District Courts in multiple jurisdictions and has assisted thousands of distinguished defense lawyers nationwide.

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20 Years+




Our Team

Marisa Suroweic

Senior Project Manager

Courtney Wall

Operations & Technology Manager

Manuela Gomez

Project Assistant

Alex Hendricks

Office Assistant

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As a small firm, we often turn to Greenwood Law Group to help us manage document discovery. GLG does a great job slicing, dicing and organizing the multiple terabytes of document discovery that can be a burden for firms like ours in the 21st Century. The fact is GLG does a better job of this, and at a lower cost, than most "in house" IT departments at Behemoth Firms. By outsourcing this work to Greenwood Law Group, our firm is able to compete with larger firms for work in document intensive cases, and we can do so at a very attractive price point for our clients.

Roland G. Riopelle, Esq. Sercarz & Riopelle, LLP

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I have worked with Emma and her company and crew for more than a decade. Simply put, every case I work on with Emma is easier because she is involved. When I receive a hard drive from the government, I need to download 10 different applications to open each thing they send -- which I can rarely do -- but, when the government has to send the discovery to Emma -- she does her magic and sends me a drive that has all of the material I need and all I have to do is click once -- and there it is! Her ability to make the discovery available and comprehensible has been lifesaving! And, Emma is a pleasure to work with -- she does her work quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

Susan G. Kellman, Esq.

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Emma and her team at GLG have done a remarkable job. Using a sophisticated digital search engine, we have been able to locate exculpatory information that no one (including the prosecutors and state regulators who blamed our client for misleading them) knew that we had access to. We could not have uncovered what we did without GLG's help.

David J. Williams, Esq. Jarvis, McArthur & Williams

Effective discovery management is the basis of quality legal advocacy.

We manage discovery issues large and small to help you focus on legal principles and procedure.